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Опубликовано Вера Новикова вход мотивация · 24/9/2014 14:52:57

Я написала это эссе для одного конкурса для преподавателей. Не выиграла. Но отрицательный опыт это тоже опыт.

По сути оно очень важное. Ведь призвание каждого учителя в любой области это именно вдохновить студентов для собственных открытий.

How teachers can inspire their learners

Interestingly enough, even in the hi-tech age learning a foreign language can still be viewed as a monotonous and obligatory burden you have to carry in order to pass an exam or get a promotion at work. Learners sometimes give up if and when they face tedious tasks aimed at grinding pondering vocabulary and overwhelming grammar constructions. And what at first seemed to be a step to personal growth and development may easily turn into a dull routine or even a nightmare.
SPeaking of my professional strategy, I discovered that the education process itself can be an endless source of inspiration as long as it is dynamic, engaging and efficient. In order to achieve this goal I start with creating a certain trusted and cozy atmosphere, where learners stop being shy and start expressing themselves openly.
Involving students in learning works a lot better when they keep practicing the language even when they are not in class. I recommend combining English with the way you entertain yourself. For example, if you are really into scrapbooking or kite-surfing etc., why not to incorporate your passion into learning the language. You can easily find articles or forums or even communities of people who are keen on doing what you enjoy and at the same time they communicate in English. When you read or watch videos in English about your hobby, chat with native speakers, you actually use the foreign language outside the classroom but at the same time you learn and grow as a personality.
REmembering that teachers set examples for their learners to follow, I show how English has entered my world. I share my interests in books, series, music, and travel experiences. I sincerely admire the elegance of the language, its flexibility and adaptability, its rhythm and melody, its past and present. Hopefully, I can help my learners become more confident and inquisitive, and as a result, they will be able to find their unique way to explore a different culture, another mentality, an alternative life style through the beauty and power of the language.

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